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Graduate studies in Warring State Chinese Thought

The Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia is one of the premier institutions in North America for the study of traditional East Asian religious thought and culture. In Winter 2007 I admitted my first cohort of graduate students specializing in Warring States thought, with the goal of eventually having 10-12 students at any given time working in this area of study. Interested students are encouraged to consult the Department of Asian Studies application procedures; previous formal training (B.A. or M.A. in Asian Studies or equivalent) and fluency in English required.



Other Faculty with Interests in Early China or East Asian Religious Thought

Prof. Jinhua Chen (UBC, Asian Studies). Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in East Asian Religions. One of the foremost experts on Chinese Buddhismin the world, Prof. Chen specializes in early and medieval Chinese Buddhism.

Prof. Josephine Chiu-Duke (UBC, Asian Studies). Assistant Professor. Tang and Song Dynasty neo-Confucian thought.

Prof. Zhi-chun Jing (UBC, Anthropology). Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair in Pacific-Asia Archeology. Archeology of early China, archeological theory and methods, provenance of ancient jades and ceramics.

Prof. Jessica Main (UBC, Asian Studies and IAR). Assistant Professor. Modern Buddhist ethics, social action, and institutional life in East and Southeast Asia.

Prof. Paul Crowe. (SFU, Humanities). Assistant Professor. Daoist inner alchemy; Song and Yuan literati thought; formation of religious identity and the interplay of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism; methodology in the study of religion; cross-cultural comparative philosophy; contemporary local Chinese religion.

Prof. Peter Nosco (UBC, Asian Studies). Professor and Head. Early modern Japanese religion and culture.

Prof. Nam-Lin Hur (UBC, Asian Studies). Associate Professor. Early modern Japanese religion and culture.

Prof. Donald Baker (UBC, Asian Studies). Associate Professor. Pre-modern and contemporary Korean religion and culture.

Prof. Carla Nappi (UBC, History). Assistant Professor. Early modern China, sciences and healing in history, embodied knowledge, Chinese-Islamic encounters

Prof. Bruce Rusk (UBC, Asian Studies). Associate Professor. Authenticity and forgery, especially in textual studies and material culture of early modern China (Ming and Qing periods); transmission and preservation of knowledge, including cultures of collection, book production, and artistic reproduction in early modern China; history of philology in pre-modern China, especially the Confucian canon and traditions of scriptural scholarship; and writing systems in East Asia, comparative grammatology, cultures of the written word, and interaction with other scripts.

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