Filosofie: Je wint als je niet wilt winnen” (May 2017)
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“Making Religious History Digitally Native” (March 2017)
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National Post: IQ, Big Bang, evolution on list of incomplete or outdated ideas scientists suggest are ready to be ‘retired’” (January 2014) What Scientific Idea is Ready for Retirement” (January 2014)
University Affairs:
Does religion make us better?” (November 2013)
UBC Annual Report: Digging Into Religion” (July 2013)
Vancouver Sun: Smart atheist heads $3-million grant into religion and morality” (January 2013)
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Vancouver Sun Op-Ed on “Bridging Universities’ Two Cultures” (September 2008)
New Scientist article on BB2 conference.
Articles in the Globe & Mail and The Walrus on evolutionary approaches to the humanities.
UBC Arts Student Services Faculty profile.

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